Milan, Italy | SEEN UNSEEN by Lev Khesin & Nigel Holohan | BYCR

Nigel Holohan,Quirke, 2014.

Lev Khesin & Nigel Holohan

9 – 29 July 2014
BYCR, Milano

BYCR is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition SEEN UNSEEN with works by artists Lev Khesin and Nigel Holohan curated by Karina El Helou.

SEEN UNSEEN explores the duality between technicality and poetry, the process of transformation of raw material into art. Following the definition of Collingwood, the British philosopher for whom art is the result of an imaginative discovery and creation where art rests in the difference between the collection of noises made by music and the tune in the composer's head. In the context of this exhibition, the composer's tunes are made out of abstract paintings exploring light and color executed by Khesin and Holohan, whose gestures and processes reconnect with the intrinsic nature of creation.

Seen/ Khesin's layers of colors, mastering light and transparencies to offer a new magical dimension. Seen/Holohan's strata reminding us the beauty of natural mineral stones.

Unseen/ Khesin's process of transformation of silicone, the industrial raw material into poetry and musicality immersing the viewer into a state of contemplation and meditation.

Unseen/ Holohan's gesture and freedom.

If music is often described as therapeutic it is also the case of color, facing these compositions on canvas and the explosion of colors and textures, a real freshness impregnated with a joie de vivre is felt. Forgetting the old debates on art and formalism, the exhibition celebrates light and color, textures and the beauty of technicality with the best painters of the new generation.

Lev Khesin, born in 1981 (Penza, Russia), lives and works in Berlin since 1999. He graduated from the Universität der Künste in Berlin in 2007. His works were shown in numerous group exhibitions around the world such as "Hello World", Ito Folk Art Museum, Fukuoka (JP) in 2009 and in"Retraho", Betahaus, Berlin and "Dripping Color Amazement", oqbo, Berlin in 2012. He also had recent solo shows such as "Aquacone / liquid boundaries » at the Till Richter Museum, Schloss in Buggenhagen Germany and "Klärt sich das Wasser, werden Fische sichtbar", at the Kunstverein Bamberg & Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg in 2013.

Nigel Holohan, born in 1986 (Kildare, Ireland), lives and works in Dublin. Graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Ireland in 2013. He received the National University of Ireland of Art and Design Award and has works in Visual Artists Ireland and O.P.W State collection. He participated to Origins Group Show at the Lismore Castle Arts in St Carthage Hall in 2013.

Foro Buonaparte, 60
20121 Milano, Italia

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